Benedek Elek Emlékérem a Kar amerikai vendégprofesszorának


- 2016. június 21., kedd 11:02

fotó: BPK
fotó: BPK

A NYUGAT-MAGYARORSZÁGI EGYETEM Benedek Elek Pedagógiai Kar Dr. ANDREA M. NOEL professzor, Fulbright – ösztöndíjas részére a Kari Tanács egyetértésével és jóváhagyásával a State University of New York at New Paltz Department of Elementary Education és a Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem Benedek Elek Pedagógiai Kara közötti kapcsolat ápolásáért, kiváló tudományos, kutatói és oktatói tevékenységéért, továbbá a magyar kisgyermeknevelés és óvodapedagógia amerikai népszerűsítéséért a BENEDEK ELEK EMLÉKÉREM kitüntetést adományozta.

BENEDEK ELEK FACULTY OF PEDAGOGY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WEST HUNGARY with the agreement and approval of the Faculty Council awards Dr. ANDREA M. NOEL Professor, Fulbright Visiting Scholar with BENEDEK ELEK COMMEMORIAL MEDAL for developing partnership between the Department of Elementary Education, State University of New York at New Paltz and the Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy, University of West Hungary, for continuing excellent academic, research and educational work and for promoting Hungarian early childhood and kindergarten pedagogy in the USA.

Professor Andrea M. Noel, Fulbright Scholar from the State University of New York spent the spring 2016 semester teaching at the Benedek Elek Faculty of Education. She is shown in the photo above (sitting on the far right) with most members of her class, which was entitled Early Childhood Education and Research in the United States. During her stay Professor Noel also visited Sopron preschools, gave the keynote address at the Brunszvik Day celebration, and presented at additional events both in and beyond Sopron.  Two manuscripts from her experiences are in progress. She is preparing to depart from Sopron in late June and sums up her experience as follows, "The students in my class at the Benedek Elek Faculty and the educators and children I observed and spoke with have made a very strong impression on me, which I will remember my whole life.  One of the important things they have reminded me of is that while we approach our practice in different ways, we are all committed to supporting children to become healthy, happy, and well adjusted adults." 


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